June 30 Update – Make-up tryout scheduled for July 9 from 6-7pm at the Union Freshmen Academy.  If someone was not registered already, please register in the link below.  Please read all of the directions below.  We anticipate posting a list following the makeup tryout, no later than Friday, July 10.

  • 7th Grade – TBA
  • 8th Grade – TBA
  • 9th Grade – TBA

Manager Option – If not placed on a team and wish to apply for a managerial position, click here.

Tryout Pre-Registration Online

  • JV and Varsity – June 16 – 3:00-6:00pm (Email mckee.chadd@unionps.org to arrange a later tryout.)
  • 7th Grades – June 29 – 5:00-6:30pm at Union’s Freshmen Academy
  • 8th Grades – June 29 – 7:00-8:30pm at Union’s Freshmen Academy
  • 9th Grade – June 30 – 6:00-8:00pm at Union’s Freshmen Academy
    • To Meet Union Guidelines for Participation
      • Must be enrolled at Union
      • Player must complete pre-screening here.
      • Spectators are not allowed.
      • Player must wear a mask entering and leaving.
      • Temperatures will be taken along with a series of health questions.
        • Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or above or who fails to meet the requirements of the health questionnaire will be sent home.  Parents should wait in the car until the player passes the on-site health screening.
      • Restrooms are single occupancy.
      • Social distancing will apply when players are not wearing a mask.

Physicals – Current athletes with a physical for the 2019-2020 season will not need a new physical until July 15. Must be on the Union Form. See link below.

Union Physical Form – It’s the only form accepted.  The OSSAA form will not be accepted. All players accepted to a team must have a physical dated after May 1, 2020.

  • A physical dated after May 1 of this year will be required to participate after July 15.
  • Players without a physical since May 1 of 2019 on file at Union MUST bring a copy on the Union Form to the tryout.
  • Players who were in the program in 2019-2020 will not need a physical for the tryout.

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